Louie’s XL Fried Chicken

Louie’s is Wellington’s newest chicken joint dedicated to extra large chicken cutlets and XL wings. Crispy coating, always fresh with our unique blend of hot and tangy spices

CUISINE MENU: Fried Chicken

XL Wings (3pc) – $12.00
Choose: Original/Spicy/Glazed (GF, DF)

Chicken Tenders – $10.00
Choose: Original/Spicy/Glazed (GF, DF)

Fries – $7.00
w/ Louie’s Seasoning + T Sauce
(GF, DF)

Tenders & Fries Combo – $15.00
Choose: Original/Spicy/Glazed Chicken Tenders w/ Louie’s Seasoned Fries (GF, DF)

Mayo – $2.00
Choose: Louie’s Mayo / Hot Mayo
(GF, DF, V)