Lola Stays

Sitting seaside at 106 Oriental Parade, Lola Stays is open 7 days from 7am, and is always serving up lazy breakfasts, big brunch’s, long lunches, cocktails, dinners twice a week, hot Havana coffee and ice cold beers.
In collaboration with Mishmosh


  • Crayfish Roll – $12.00
    poached crayfish, celery and dill mayo, sriracha & ready salted potato chips
  • KFC Roll – $10.00
    Korean fried chicken, pickled cucumber, Gochujang glaze, mayo and iceberg
  • Sydney Potatoes – $8.00
    triple dipped Agria chips with sriracha mayo
  • Sugar Donuts – $10.00
    peanut butter cookie crumb, salted caramel sauce + cream