House of Dumplings

Our food is only flavoured from nature, with fresh herbs, spices and seasoning. You will NOT find any MSG, artificial colouring or flavouring or preservatives in our range whatsoever.

Every single dumpling is carefully handmade by us, just like every dumpling should be.

Everything is made from scratch by our chefs from the pastry to the sauces.It makes so much sense to use local ingredients. It is fresher, with less food miles and supports the local economy. We love getting our ingredients from local producers.



Cantonese Organic free-range chicken w fresh coriander (DF)
Shanghai free-range pork and cabbage (DF)
Prawn and Garlic Chives (DF)
Nepalese Spiced Lamb 5 veges (DF)
Punjab Wild Goat (DF)
Japanese Six-Mushroom (vegan, DF)
Indian Spiced Red Lentil w Kale Potatoes (vegan, DF)
Spinach Tofu bok choy (vegan, DF)

All Dumplings – $2.50