It was a dream abandoned in a place joy forgot. Among the cobwebs and grime in an old factory in Epuni, Lower Hutt were the remnants of a brewery left for dead. A hapless experiment, an abandoned jumble of mismatched parts, the broken bones of a brewery lay forgotten. Brought back to life but this time done right. Abandoned Brewery, a true micro-brewery with a never-say-die attitude and a deep belief in the craft, an arsenal of ideas and calm amongst the chaos…this monster lives.


APA, 5.4%
IPA, 6.4%
Oat IPA, 6.8%
Pilsner, 5.0%
Red IPA, 5.5%
XPA, 4.2%

Sawmill is an independent, New Zealand owned brewery run by a small and talented team led by Mike Sutherland and Kirsty McKay. We appreciate our place. This raw landscape has a bearing on everything we do and people here are resourceful, creative and hardworking.
We brew just out of Matakana in a paddock tucked under Mt Tamahunga. Sawmill beer is very firmly of this place. It is beer with roots.


Doctor, 6.5%
Hazy East Coast IPA, 5.9%
Hazy Nelson Sauvin IPA, 6.0%
Pilsner, 4.8%
Raspberry Sour, 4.5%

Tinker Tailor is a craft beer with a split personality! We start with our utterly perfect, classic, refined brews. That’s our Tailor side. Then, we take those beers, and well Tinker with them. The result? Innovative, quirky, experimental beers, that are a little bit mischievous. Tinker Tailor. Taste-testing, time-tested.


APA, 5.7%
Brut IPA, 5.9%
Citrus XPA, 4.8%
IPA, 6.4%
Lager, 4.7%
Salted Caramel American Brown Ale; 5.7%

Sometimes you just have to take the leap. Fortune favours the bold. The meek might inherit the Earth, but they don’t reach the summit, blaze new trails, sail over the horizon, take their chances and play their hand.
Fortune Favours is crewed by beer lovers who quit their day jobs, restored a heritage building and built their own brewpub in central Wellington’s Leeds Street precinct. We love beer and we want to share that love with you. Fortune Favours beers are fresh, fun and innovative.


Adventurer Green Bullet Pilsner, 5.0%
Bone Scraper Brut IPA, 6%
Katipo Red IPA, 6.5%
Leeds St Rose’ Bier, 4.5%
Naturalist Unfiltered Pale Ale, 5.3%
Trailblazer Hoppy Lager, 4.5%
Wellingtonian NZIPA, 6.0%

Sunchaser Blueberry Cider, 4.7%

Duncan’s is a community of like-minded people who appreciate great tasting beer. We like to take a modern twist on classic flavours which nod to the past and future. Established in 2014 and based in Kāpiti, we are a growing and family-owned brewery.


Beach Party Hazy IPA, 6.3%
Juniper IPA, 7.0%
Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Sour, 5.0%
Yum Yum Yuzu Japanese Lager, 4.7%

Funk Estate is the work of 3 young Wellington beer enthusiasts drawn together by our passion for a pint. We launched our first beer, a Black IPA in May 2012 to great success. Since late 2014, we’ve really been pushing hard on getting our beers out around Wellington and the rest of the country. We’re about making brews from across the spectrum; releasing limited runs of big, bold and sometimes outrageous beers, as well as holding down a solid line-up of tasty drops.
 Seek us out. Stay Funky.


Double Up – DDH Hazy Pale Ale, 5.0%
Everyday People – Hoppy Pils, 5.0%
Jungle Boogie – Blood Orange Sour, 5.3%
Sophisticuffs, IPA, 6.0%

Purple Rain – Blackcurrant Cider; 4.5%