Mr Circle

Mr. Circle, we sell Chinese traditional street food- Jianbing [Chinese crepes], which is the most popular street food at northern China and we are the only stall who specialise in this in Wellington.


FESTIVAL MENU: Chinese Crepes

Chicken Crepe – $8.00

Chicken Rice Bowl – $8.00

Pork Belly Crepe – $8.00

Pork Belly Rice bowl – $8.00

Vegetable Crepe – $7.50

Bongusto Pasta Workshop

Bongusto is an artisanal pasta brand with a small factory/cafe out of Miramar. We supply lots of restaurants in the Wellington region and Moore Wilson’s as well. We make everything in small batches and our products are free of preservatives, additives and colorants.



Arancini al Pesto (V) – $3.00

Bongusto Beef and Pork Ravioli all’ Amatriciana (tomato, bacon and onions) – $7.00

Bongusto Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli alla Carretera (tomato, garlic and parsley) (V) – $7.00

Handmade potato gnocchi alla Napoli (tomato and basil) (V) – $7.00

Tiramisu (V) – $8.00

Vanilla/Red berries Pannacotta (GF) (V) – $6.00

Chaos Frits (Fried)

We have worked hard at developing our menu to ensure that our food remains traditional and every mouthful is a journey to Vietnam. We use fresh free range meat and produce as well as authentic herbs and spices directly from the local markets and suppliers.

We look forward to seeing you.



Beef Pops – Marinated New Zealand beef bites, coated in a housemade spiced tempura coating, sprinkle w’ roasted sesame seeds and pick your own sauce (GF, DF) – $7.50

Chicken Pops – Marinated tender chicken bites, coated in a housemade spiced tempura coating, sprinkle w’ roasted sesame seeds and pick your own sauce (GF, DF) – $7.50

Tofu fries – Served w’ a zingy cucumber salsa and coriander (fantastic w’ our spicy gun powder if you like it a bit hot) (DF, V, Vegan) – $5.00

ZK fries – Hand cut zucchini and kumara fries coated in our special homemade batter (DF, V, Vegan) – $5.00

Pick one of our famous sauces (all DF/GF/V/Vegan)
– Housemade Honey & Soy dressing
– Creamy Wasabi chili Mayo
– Homemade Spiced Salt & Pepper sprinkle
– Gun Powder (homemade Chilli Salt)

Burger Liquor

Wellington’s first burger bar serves great burgers along with delicious sides, mouthwatering shakes, cocktails and boasts an impressive Bourbon and Rum collection. Open daily from 11.30am until late.


FESTIVAL MENU: Burgers & Tacos

BL’s Famous Jalapeño Poppers – with mustard mayo (V) – $8.00

Little Piggy Burger – 10 hour pulled pork, citrus slaw, crispy fried shallots, house BBQ sauce DF (V/Vegan option available with pulled jackfruit) – $8.00

The Standard Burger – Aged beef patty, cheddar, pickles, mustard mayo, ketchup – $8.00

10 hour pulled pork taco in a grilled corn tortilla, with chimichurri and pickled onion (DF, GF on req; V/Vegan option available with pulled jackfruit) – $6.00


Real, plant-based Mexican food for life!
At Boquita we believe food should be nourishing for you, for the planet and for everyone involved in making your food. We offer a range of delicious, easy, organic and plant-based Mexican meals, perfect for a nutritious speedy lunch, take-home or easy eat-in dinner. We believe in making food fresh, buying our produce locally, and choosing suppliers who care for the planet and their people.



Chipotle Tempeh with seasonal veggies, slaw & chipotle hummus – Tacos or Nachos (V, DF, GF) – $6.00


The Crab Shack is a coastal/Cape Cod themed casual dining and drinking experience. Specialising in seafood with a special emphasis on crab yet including other fabulous meals. “By the Scoop”, “Shack boards” are all included on our menu.

The Crab Shack provides fun, smiles and frivolity in a casual yet entertaining environment. Affordable is an understatement, check out our daily deals today!



Crab Taco – tempura soft shell crab, coriander, chilli, spring onion, crispy shallots, pickled ginger & wasabi caviar mayonnaise – $8.00

Fush & Chups – Freshly filleted Tarakihi – by our own fish monger of 25 years, Richie Waru served w Makikihi fries, house tartare, ketchup & lemon (DF)

Halloumi Taco – Grilled Zany Zeus halloumi, roast corn salsa, guacamole (GF, V)

Moroccan Spiced Calamari with aioli & lemon – $8.00

Punnet ‘o’ Chups – The best potato chips in NZ – Makikihi fries served w ketchup & homemade aioli (GF, V)

Mother of Coffee Traditional Ethiopian

We present Ethiopian Food & an Organic Traditional Coffee Ceremony which we are so proud of to give everyone a taste of Ethiopian Culture.


FESTIVAL MENU: Traditional Ethiopian Food

Alicha Banatu – Beef & Lamb stew. Small pieces of injera tossed in Mothers’s sauces of mild tumeric. Mild (GF) – $8.00

Kik Alicha Wot – Chickpea cooked with spicy turmeric, ginger, and garlic (DF, GF, Vegan) – $8.00

Misir Wot – Split lentils sauce made with berbere, onions, ginger, and garlic. Spicy and hot (DF, GF, Vegan) – $8.00

All Served with Gluten free Traditionally made Bread Ingera

Off Duty

Off Duty delivers Meal Kits from Wellington restaurants.

The Off Duty Meal Kits are prepped by a collaboration of Wellington chefs and inspired by the food they enjoy at home. With deliveries made twice per week to Wellington homes and offices. At the festival we will be showcasing dishes from 4 of our restaurant partners.


FESTIVAL MENU: New Zealand Cuisine

Beat Kitchen – Slow roasted lamb shoulder with bus-made flatbread, grilled courgette, tabbouleh salad with pomegranate dressing & feta mousse – $8.00

HUSK – Beef brisket taco with watercress, red chimichurri & wasabi white bean mayonnaise – $8.00

Olive – Braised nut spaghetti bolognese with probiotic & sunflower parmesan (Vegan) – $8.00

Park Kitchen – Pan fried market fish with succotash, a cabernet sauvignon vinegar dressing, tomato gastrique & smoked mussel mayo (GF) – $8.00

The Old Bailey

The Old Bailey has a notable selection of craft beer and an upbeat gastropub menu.

With beers and ciders from breweries down the road in Wellington to the other side of the world. All the dishes on our menus are carefully crafted and bring a Caribbean flare to the flavours. Expect a burger with a bit of bite, a Creole Gumbo and our famous and simply outstanding steaks and for those leaning to the healthier side, interesting salads.

With our outstanding menus and comfortable friendly vibe you’ll soon be a regular.



Fully Loaded buttermilk fried chicken smothered in smoked cheese sauce, crunchy slaw, bacon, corn, spring onion and pickles + your choice of toppings – $8.00

Fully Loaded chilli battered Cauliflower bites in smoked cheese sauce, crunchy slaw, corn, spring onion and pickles + your choice of toppings (V) – $8.00

Chocolate Mousse with orange crumb and freeze dried berries (Vegan) – $8.00

Arborist Rooftop Bar

The Arborist make the most of Wellington’s sunny days with the vibrant rooftop bar perched on the 7th floor and the Arborist’s outstanding fusion shared plates menu and famous burgers.



Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich – $8.00

Pulled Pork Slider – $8.00



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