Other Drinks

Other Drinks

Gin Experience – As a new feature for this year we will have a “Gin Experience” bar that will have a selection of surprise Gin & Tonic styled mixed beverages.

Mocktails – If you are not into alcohol or feel like a break we will have a Mocktail Bar run by Ray from the Roxy, serving non-alcoholic cocktails.

Free water will be available at stations throughout the festival. Remember to keep hydrated to make sure you can go the distance. Bottled water is also available for purchase.

All drinks are served in reusable festival glassware, if you lose your cup this will not be replaced – so keep these safe!
On entry ALL patrons receive a reusable wine glass free of charge.
All Beer & Cider served in a reusable beer cup, only $2 with your first purchase.


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